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Regional Fire Dispatch using Simulcast Technology

Most Rural Volunteer Fire Departments provide services to large geographic areas.

These Fire Departments rely on their neighbouring Fire Departments for mutual aid support in the event of a major incident.  Efficient Communications between Departments becomes critical in times of crisis.

Simulcast technologies make it easy for a number of standalone VHF Repeaters Systems to be combined into a single Dispatch and Incident Command Channel.  Benefits of Simulcast include;

  • Common Channel for Dispatch and Incident Command
  • Existing VHF Standalone Repeaters can Remain in Place
  • Voice Paging for Volunteers across a larger Geographic area
  • Ease of Dispatch for Neighbouring Mutual Aid Departments
  • Improved Firefighter Safety

In 2016, Mudge Engineering Associates Inc. designed, installed and commissioned a four site VHF Simulcast Network in Rural New Brunswick.

The system, serving three Fire Departments, using four wireless towers, provides ubiquitous coverage over 750 square kilometers.

The customer was impressed with improvements in audio quality, extended coverage range and ease of mutual aid communications.

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Project 4
Project 4